Which Part of Peterborough (UK) Are You?

Peterborough is a rather underestimated city. For those who live there, however, it is a city of much division, even though measures are put in place to try and bring people together. The whole of this city is split into pieces, with very different characteristics.

There's the West of Peterborough, the East of Peterborough, the South and North, the Outskirts, and the Centre. Where are YOU from? Where should YOU be? Where do YOU fit in? If you're a Peterborian, this will show you how true you are to your little section. And if not? Well, then, it's just a bit of harmless fun :-)

Created by: 13041998
  1. Say '5' and '9'. What does it sound like?
  2. What school do you go to/is most like yours?
  3. Where do you shop mainly?
  4. What is 'The Whitelights'?
  5. Who runs your local shop?
  6. Which phrase comes to mind when someone says, 'Drowning Soldiers'?
  7. What are 'fen runners'?
  8. Who or what is 'Nobby'?
  9. Where did you go during the summer?
  10. What do you call 'town'?
  11. What does 'YMCA' mean to you?
  12. What sort of shops do you have nearby?
  13. What do you call the park in the PE3 area?
  14. And finally, what postal area are you from?

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Quiz topic: Which Part of Peterborough (UK) am I?