Are you an old time San Franciscan?

Native San Franciscans, particularly those with five decades or more under their belts, can be a snobby bunch. But we have reason to be proud because we knew San Francisco when it was a place for families; a town where there was usually no more than 2 degrees of separation between each of its inhabitants. We knew The City where people got dressed up to go downtown, and where you could sit at a genuine Woolworth lunch counter and eat the best banana split in the world. We knew San Francisco when it was much more cosmopolitan than it is now, and more civilized.

Are YOU an old time San Franciscan? This is just for fun of course, but if you score well it means you really did know The City during its golden years. There is a definite Sunset District bent to this quiz, but there is something for everyone.

Created by: KJD

  1. Where was Fleishhacker Pool, one of the largest sea water pools in the world, located?
  2. Which high school regularly used the Polo Fields for their football practices?
  3. What was the popular spot for summer vacations for those who dwelled in the Sunset District?
  4. Persons who matriculated at Saint Ignatius College Preparatory were nicknamed:
  5. What was the charge for a student to ride the Muni in the sixties and seventies?
  6. Which sunny district was known for being mostly Irish from the 20's to the 60s?
  7. What was the most iconic attraction at Playland?
  8. Who was the last Republican mayor of San Francisco?
  9. Until the 1980's this bar was noted for being the only one in the city with a built-in pipe organ.
  10. Which famous singer graduated from George Washington High School?
  11. If you frequented foreign films in the 1960s, which theater would you be most likely to attend?
  12. Where was the City of Paris located?
  13. Where was The White House located?
  14. Which restaurant had the best pizza in the Sunset District in the 1970s?
  15. Which storied baseballer known for his generosity owned and operated the New Pisa restaurant in North Beach?
  16. Who was the host of Dialing For Dollars?
  17. What was one of the consolation prizes for those who did not know "the count and amount" on Dialing For Dollars?
  18. What was at this site before the Lakeshore Shopping Center was constructed?
  19. Which of these was an anchor store at the old GETs?
  20. Who sponsored Emperor Norton's Treasure Hunt?
  21. This person was known to say, "Don't stay up late; it's not worth it."
  22. Which private club is located on Post at Powell St. near Union Square?
  23. Who was known for playing the pipe organ at The Lost Weekend bar on Taraval Street?
  24. If the host could see you, which TV show were you watching?
  25. Who played Captain Satellite?
  26. The forerunner to The United Irish Cultural Center near the zoo was:
  27. Which iconic San Francisco treat could only be purchased at Playland in the 1960s?
  28. Which street was known for its Halloween night parade of costume clad revelers?

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