How San Franciscan Are You?

San Francisco. Golden Gate Bridge. Sweeping bay views. Beautiful Architecture. Unique Culture. The 415! Are you are a bonafide San Franciscan? Or just a wannabe?

How San Franciscan are YOU? Take this quiz to find out. We'll test you on your knowledge of the city's everyday things. A San Franciscan? You should have no problem affirming your identity! Not so sure? Well then...aren't you in for a treat. Good luck!

Created by: Raymond

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  1. San Francisco's public transportation system is called...
  2. What is Divisadero?
  3. Do you use Craigslist?
  4. "The 38" refers to which terrorizing bus line?
  5. "Cheaper Than Cheaper" is located on what neighborhood street in the Richmond?
  6. Pronounce MUNI:
  7. You realize that a drag queen who you piss off can kick your ass.
  8. I can walk in 4 inch heels down Powell Street.
  9. Dude, this fool was getting hella hyphy at the club last night.
  10. tI, tL, hP
  11. I say: "880, 280, and 101" Instead of "The 880, the 280, the 101"
  12. Serramonte

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Quiz topic: How San Franciscan am I?