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  • "f--- i meant to post in another thread xD"
  • "Ayy maru. I don't know what this thread is but I was here and saw you last posted on this so I thought I'd drop by ;("
  • "They're so sensitive, and that's why they prefer hanging out with guy friends. But I've been finding myself a lot in situations where I have..."
  • Clash of Clans
  • Last show you watched?
    "disappointification (aka californication)"
  • Skins discussion
    "Also the music was just downright fantastic in season 4"
  • Skins discussion
    "My favorite generation was the second generation, and season 4 was my favorite season though I think I'm alone in this because everyone just..."
  • Why.
    "Oh it's the dreaded Mwahahahahahaha >;O"
  • Why.
    "Nah jade dudes are much more reliable from my experience, like when they give a promise they'll actually try and keep it (usually). "
  • Why.
    "Don't get me wrong, some girls can be as good as angels. But some of them just evolve into these moody, selfish, and unreliable creatures...."
  • Why.
    "I guess the monthly habit eventually takes its toll on some of them."
  • "I need to chillax every now and then and if I do I'm pretty chill if I don't I'm not so chill."
  • "Ange :o Like I said earlier in this page, it's ok if a woman doesn't choose to shave her armpit because it's her business. But they'v"
  • "That's not necessarily hypersensitivity. It could be immaturity, covert narcissism or just overall defensiveness. HSPs are actually kinda ma..."
  • "That's not the point anyway. The Chinese woman who started the whole thing said women shouldn't have to go through the difficulty of shaving..."

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