Does he like you?

This is a quiz created to show you if the boy you like,likes you back or has a crush on you.Since this quiz is created by a boy so dont doubt its accuracy ;)

Take this quiz and you will find out if your crush likes you in no time.If your result was far from what you expected,then there is a chance that it is not accurate. THANKE YOU AND PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT :D

Created by: Viktor
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you find him staring at you alot?
  2. Do you find him following you?(good term for stalking ;D)
  3. Does he mostly begin the conversations with you?
  4. Recall the FIRST time he looked at you in the eyes,Did he look down to your feet afterwards?
  5. Have you ever flirted with him?
  6. If you said yes to last question,What did he do then?
  7. Has he asked you out?
  8. Its over
  9. Comment? :D???????????
  10. Rate? :D????????????

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