Do your crush likes you back

Some of the people have a crush on that girl and that girl likes him back but he didn't know so some of the people actually likes them back so you just have to make the first move

Does your crush likes you back?? Do you like him that much???,, Thanks for taking the quiz, just wait your crush might tell your that he likes you.Thank you

Created by: N248
  1. Is he kind to you
  2. Do you think he have a crush on anyone
  3. Does he try to make you laugh or annoyed
  4. Does he care about you
  5. Do you think he's :
  6. Does he sit next to you at lunch time or snack time
  7. Does he talk to you first
  8. When you talk at each other personal is it
  9. Does he ever give a sign that he likes you
  10. Does he makes fun of you

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Quiz topic: Do my crush likes you back