Does he like you?:)

Is your crush crushing on you back? Take this awesome quiz to find out!.You never know he just might be!The world may never know if he likes you back because you did not take this fantastic quiz!So move your mouse and start clicking on some answers!Enjoy the quiz and have fun quizing yourself!

In a few minutes you will find out if he likes you or not.Think about do you think he does or not?Of course everyone hopes he does like you!I mean come on wouldn't you want to know? I can tell you are urging on the inside to know the answer!hope the answer you get is what you expected and hoped for!

Created by: cheyenne

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does he ever stop to talk to you?
  2. Does he look ( stare ) at you a lot?
  3. Does he start a conversation or do you?
  4. Does he flirt with you?
  5. Has anyone ever told you that he likes you?
  6. Do you talk on the phone?
  7. If you talk on the phone,what do you talk about?
  8. Does he act shy around you?
  9. Does he laugh at some of your lame jokes?
  10. Lastly,do you dress up and need to look nice around him?

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