Never Forgotten Part 16

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Sooo sorry it took so long! I just started school again and it is sooo hectic... trust me... I'd rather be here! :3 Well, I hope you guys enjoy it!!!

You left off with a knock on your door....

Created by: CountryBayRythm
  1. When I opened the door, I found Christian and Oliver standing there. They each smiled when they saw me. "We are here to get you ready to go!" Christian said. I smiled and moved so they could come in. They each had a couple bags for packing. I grabbed one and put all of the stuff I didn't want their help with in it. Stuff like bras and underwear. Once I had finished that I came out to find that they had already packed a lot. The only things I needed left were outfits. When they helped me pack those it was a ton of fun. We laughed and joked around. At one point Christian even totally wiped out on all of the sprawled out clothing, and then Oliver tripped over him. I couldn't stop laughing for minutes! When we finally had all of my things, we left my room. I said goodbye to my cute little otters and continued to the grande hall. Everyone was waiting there with a tooon of luggage. I wondered how long we'd be gone. We went outside and each of us put a hand on one of the Guardians. A portal appeared before us, and it looked like Earth.
  2. When we stepped through I felt the crunch of snow beneath me. I looked around and took in an incredible sight. We stood on a hill, overlooking a white landscape with trees blotting the surroundings. In the distance enormous mountains touched the cloudy sky, and the only thing that moved was the raging river nearby. I gasped and smiled. But after a moment, I realized I was extremely cold. I shivered and felt a hand intertwine in mine, sending warmth throughout my body. I looked to see Leo standing besides me. All of the boys seemed unhappy about this. "This is where you will stay for the time being _____." Wequest began. "It is remote enough that you will not be bothered, yet close enough to civilization to sustain yourselves. As for Epron, Ulanti, me, and the girls, we will be out gathering information from certain sources we have around the world. I will be with Ulanti, Faye, and Annie. Epron will be with Dani and Fannie." I processed the information and nodded. I said goodbye to my friends, and watched the triplets say a sad and nervous farewell. 'They must not be without each other often.' Then, they vanished into thin air. I turned to the boys and realized that Oliver was in his true form. I felt Leo let go of my hand, but I remained warm. Oliver then kneeled, and I knew that I was suppose to get on. 'Ugggg, this is so weird... everyone is watching....' I sighed and walked over, swinging my leg over Oliver's broad back. The snow crunched beneath his hoofs as he stood to full height. I wrapped my arms around his strong body, and felt his defined abs. "Hold on." He told me. I felt his powerful legs burst forward into movement. I couldn't help but smile and giggle at the extreme adrenaline rush. The brisk air whipped back my hair and I could barely define anything surrounding me. I squealed in delight when he jump over something, and I could feel him laugh at my happiness. When we slowed, I found that we had reached the peak of a mountain.
  3. Oliver twisted his body so that he could help me down. "Hold on to my leg, I know that sounds weird... but I don't want you to lose your balance. I'd catch you of course, but it took a lot of convincing for everyone to let me take you up here." He said, but he did not look at me. His eyes were surveying our surroundings. I was puzzled but I followed his instructions. I kneeled and wrapped my arms around his front right leg and watched as he rose his arms. The ground around us began to rumble and shake beneath us. Avalanches charge down mountains, and wildlife fled from their hiding place. I would have fell immediately, I was glad I was holding on. On the mountain opposite of us all the snow was clearing. A doorway opened and rock was clearing from the within the entry way. Masses of rocks were moved from the hole, and gently placed beneath us on clear ground. When all settled I found my mouth wide open, and I clamped it shut. Oliver gave me his hand and I took it, rising form my crouch. His eyes were searching my face for something, I didn't know what. "Holly sh!!!!t! How... what... wow! Why did you just do that!?" I squealed and jumped. He laughed and changed back into his human form. "Welcome to your new home." He said with a winning grin. I smiled slightly and looked into his stunning green eyes. A strand of hair was out of place. I reached up and pushed it back into the rest of his blonde hair. He was surprised, but a gentle look overtook his gaze. I watched as he took my head into his palm and he kissed me. Long and gentle. Perfect. I pulled away, suppressing the butterflies in my stomach. He gathered me into his arms and we looked around us at the perfect backdrop. The clouds began to clear, sending down rays of warmth. I leaned into his warm body and let him dip his head into my hair, resting on my head. It was sweet, and absolutely wonderful.
  4. Oliver let me go, and when I looked to see why, I could see a black mass rising in the distance. Christian. We watched him come closer and closer. Soon enough you could make out Leo on his back, Reed above him, and Trace on Talon close behind. The three flyers each carrying all the luggage they could. I giggled a bit looking at these three fairy tale creatures doing a typical boyfriend thing. When they got to us me and Oliver jumped onto Christian. He glided through the air, coming to the opening rather quickly. The opening was larger when we got there, big enough for Christian and his extended wings to fit. We landed and the guys instantly started through a sculpted doorway with everything we brought. When they disappeared and I realized that Christian wasn't going to kneel to help down, I started to get off. Christian started to make noise that sounded something like a chuckle. He arched his neck back and winked at me. I narrowed my eyes, knowing he was about to do something that I may not like. He reached back one of his paws and gently took me in it, easily enveloping my entire body. He raised me to eye level so I could look into his stunning eyes. He opened his paw for a moment so that he could look at me entirely. When he closed it again he began to shrink into his human form, and I found myself being held in his arms. His arms were so perfect, the largest of the guys, but not too big they were gross. He leaned down and kissed the tip of my nose playfully and let me go. I looked at him curiously, but before I could say anything, Leo came out of the doorway.
  5. "Hey, _____, the guys agreed to let me show you your room." Leo said, shooting Christian a glare. Christian stormed passed him knocking him in the shoulder. Leo let out a low growl. "Why's he so mad?" I asked. Leo just shook his head and motioned for me to come. I followed him a bit nervously. We went down a hallway and archways lead down other hallways or to other rooms. At the end we took a right and ended in a stone room with a fire pit. One that Leo lit with just a flicker of his eyes. My luggage was already here and a little make shift bed stood besides the fire. "Sit, please." He said, breaking the silence. I sat and looked at him confuse. He sighed and leaned against the opposite wall with his brow creased and his fingers pinching the top of his nose. He stood there a moment, until I cleared my throat. He didn't move an inch, but he began to speak. "That girl you spoke to was my sister. You might have guessed because of the resemblance. Well. She was why I was on Earth before I became King. She was with a young woman, somebody she had become fond of, her closest friend. I came because of her invitation to meet this woman, and I instantly fell for this woman. Everything about her was so amazing to me and we started into our love story extremely quick. After a year, I proposed, something sooo huge for someone of a sister realm. She accepted. I was going to meet her family when I had a terrible twinge in my stomach. That night, I had a nightmare. My beautiful fiance was with my sister, and they were fighting severely. A woman clad in black was in the corner. I could barely tell she was there. My sister, Ruby, was knocked to the floor and my fiance drew from her sleeve a black needle. She chanted something and it froze Ruby. Then, she kneeled and traced a heart with the needle above Ruby's heart, and splattered it with black acid. Ruby screamed, and I woke. I knew it wasn't real, it couldn't, but I had to check on Ruby. When I went to her room, my fiance stood with Ruby's heart in her hands, and Ruby lay there dead. I collapsed to my knees and hunched over like I was punched. I was so shocked I couldn't move. "Say your goodbyes." The woman from the corner soothed to my fiance, and disappeared with Ruby's body. I looked at her with tears streaming from my eyes. She sighed, a tear escaped from her eye. "This isn't what I wanted, but I needed Ruby's power. It was unfortunate I fell in love with you. This is only a set back my love, I will find you someday, and you will be forever mine. And you will love it, sitting at my side as the King. Too bad Trace never got to meet you." Then she vanished. Her name was Stephanie, and my heart has been broken ever since. The boys are extremely upset for I told them just yesterday, and now you."
  6. Tears streamed from my face and he finally met my eyes. A tear finally left his yellow eyes and he looked entirely crushed. "You never told me, you loved that monster." I choked out. He looked like he took a punch, and he turned and left me to sob into my pillow. He loved her, the woman who has caused me so much pain. Eventually, when I could muster no more tears, I fell asleep.
  7. I woke up and found Talon at the bottom of my bed. Curled up like a loyal dog, his sides heaving with sleep. I smiled sadly and stretched. He rose his head and blinked his eyes. "Hey Talon." I said to him, still tired. He cooed to me and walked to sit in front of me. I pet his head and traced the small scratches in his beak. He helped me up and I felt comfortable dressing in front of him, he was just like a dog after all. I wore a pair of black pants and a black turtle neck. I snatched a leather jacket and combat boots. A bit depressed from yesterday, I let my hair be wavy and I put on a tooon of black eye make up. When I finished Talon looked at me sadly, seemingly understanding my pain.
  8. I followed Talon out and he lead me all the way to the opening. Trace stood there overlooking the surrounding mountains. "Since I'm supposed to fly around, looking for threats, wanna come?" Trace said, apparently hearing our entrance. I nodded, welcoming the distraction. He smiled and hugged me. He didn't kiss me though, I think he knew that I was upset. He got on Talon, and I failed when I tried to follow. He laughed and helped me in behind him. I hugged his warm body and held on for dear life as Talon plunged into the air. He dived and I screamed, half out of fear, half of delight. Trace laughed and scoffed at Talon for it. Talon evened out and climbed into the clouds. I looked at the wonderful wilderness and loved the cool touch of the air. We circled in peaceful harmony for a good time when a plume of fire erupted from the opening. Trace looked back at me and groaned. He yelled above the gusts, "That's Christian saying it's time we are back, he's taking you to town." I nodded and gave him a little peck on the shoulder. It seemed to cheer him up considerably. Talon angled down and landed in the opening. Christian stood there a bit unhappy seeing me with my arms wrapped around Trace. Trace got off, and helped me down. He kissed me for a moment, but it wasn't meant for me so I felt nothing. It was meant to spite Christian. I looked at him apologetically but he only glared at the departing Trace. Talon followed him looking amused.
  9. "I'm taking you into town to shop for food. Me cause I'm the only one who appears human, besides Trace that is... but he got to take you up into the air." Christian told me as he took my hand. "Town? I didn't see a town? Plus... wouldn't they have noticed all of our activity?" "Yes and no. Yes there is a town. And no, Reed made it seem like an Earthquake with his air magic, and is currently concealing everything we do. However, they will be in for a surprise when they find this!" He said gesturing to the perfectly carved out rock. I chuckled. He walked me to the edge and I watched as a considerable slab of ice floated to us. I giggled as he helped me on and treated me like a total gentleman. We floated across the landscape and down to a distant bridge. It was hidden by some trees and over a small creek. It was so quaint with it's old stones. Christian placed the slab some ways away and walked me over the bridge. I shivered a bit and he brought me close to him, warming me instantly. We walked down a small stone pathway that was broken and that lead into a thicker part of the trees. Eventually it lead into a cute little village with stone huts and cute small natives. I was tall compared to them, and Christian was three times their size! He made plenty of room for us to pass through. We came to some tents with food layed out. There were breads, fish, plants, and some herbs. I loved playing the cute 'little' wife as I took all of the food in my arms. I watched as Christian bartered in their language and gave them what seemed like a considerable amount of money by the grateful look on their faces he brought me back through the crowd when a little child tripped in front of me. I put down my things and helped her up. She did a cute little curtsy and seemed to be extremely curious with my light skin. She traced my facial features and lips, of which I kissed her finger. She giggled when I did. After that I heard a huge stomach growl from her and realized how skinny she was. I frowned and grabbed a loaf of bread and fish and gave it to her. Her eyes and smile widened so huge I almost laughed. She curtseyed and ran off to vanish into a hut. Soon after a mother poked her head out gaping. I laughed and picked up my things again.
  10. We walked back to the bridge and stopped a minute to watch the water. "You know you great with kids." Christian said more to himself then me. "Huh?" "Your just good with kids. It's super cute." He looked at me with desire, but not the lusty kind of desire. I just smiled and looked back at the water. He put down his things and took mine from my arms. I soon found my hands wrapped around him and my head on his chest. I listened to his heart beat and the rhythm of his breathe as he held me. I felt so safe, so comforted. I didn't want to go. Yet, before I knew it, Christian swept me into his arms and we were in the air again. My head rested on his shoulder while I let him bring me back from that cute little world.
  11. We got back and he gave me a little goodbye hug and left immediately in his true form, securing the area I assumed. I realized I had nothing to do. But I didn't necessarily want to be left to my thoughts... so I explored. Not much was in many of the rooms, but I did come to one with a low glow. When I entered I found Reed sprawled out on a couch holding an old looking book with a stack of them besides him. I giggled at his ridiculous appearance with his wings. He looked up and smiled. Reed made some room for me. I curled up on the corner of the couch and watch him read. It made me smile watching his expressions change as he read whatever text was on the pages. When he finished a section, he gently closed the book, and placed it on top of the pile. He sat up and took my hands in his. "Yes?" He asked me. I just shrugged. He smiled and pulled me close to him. I leaned back against him and snuggled in. He picked up the book again and opened it. It smelled ancient, but like a library, and I liked it. The pages were cracked at the edges and the ink was barely visible. I didn't understand any of the symbols. "What language is this?" I asked him. "Ancient Gaelic. The culture back then in that region is extremely fascinating to me and I love reading texts from the period." "What's this one about?" "This one tells the child tales and rhymes the children sang and retold." "Tell me one." "The Ballyeamon Cradle Song is a lullaby. It goes as this. Rest tired eyes a while Sweet is thy baby's smile, Angels are guarding And they watch o'er thee. Sleep, sleep, grah mo chree* Here on your mamma's knee, Angels are guarding And they watch o'er thee, The birdeens sing a fluting song They sing to thee the whole day long, Wee fairies dance o'er hill and the dale For very love of thee." He half sang half said the song, and how he did so was so relaxing, that I slowly drifted into a content sleep.
  12. Well that's all for today! Sorry it took so long... please comment and rate!
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