A Black Heart ~Part 1~

Hi guys! This is my best series by far, so trust in me and comment! I'm not sure where this is going, I kind of make it up as I go along...

PROLOUGE: You wake up in an unfamiliar place. You try to get up, but your wings are strapped down tight. you look around and see a young, blonde guy with wings. 'Hey! Let me go! He looks at you, then turns away and flies. You yelp in pain and he comes back and unlatches you. In his arms, you soon go back to sleep in a rush of wind...

Created by: Isabel Star

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  1. You wake up, mind still foggy with sleep, and stretch. Suddenly, you feel a sharp pain in your right arm. You look down to see a tightly wrapped bandage. What? Oh, you remember, the last mission. You feel like unwrapping it but decide not to. You quickly slip on a long, purple dress. Being careful not to tug on your black, bat-like wings. You start to brush your long, wavy, black hair and feel another jolt to the bolt."Dang It!" You say aloud. This is getting annoying! You throw on some hair clips when you hear your name on the intercom."Will Twilight Moon please report to Luna's room? Thanks." You dash out of your room and down the hallway. People wince as you walk by. Is it really that bad? As you walk, yo get the occasional,"Are you OK?" Or, "I heard what happened." But other than that, no one talks to you. It's not because of he wings, you know, because people get used to things like that here. No, it's because of the bandage. You feel their gazes fall onto your arm, and mentally shrug. You don't care, this has happened before, you think. You snap back to reality when you pass Sunny's room. The mission... All of the sudden, Garroth teleports right in front of you. He freaks, and you spread your wings full span. Soon, both of you are on the ground laughing."We've got to stop meeting like this!" He chuckles. You recall the previous times this has happened, and laugh back "I know!" You reply quickly."Oh, I've gotta go..." He snips, and then is gone. All that is left is a few light blue sparks hanging in the air. That always happens right after he teleports. You chuckle, and move on.
  2. Soon, you're at Luna's room. You hear some of the conversation inside. "What are we supposed to do? We have no idea--" You hear a voice behind you. "You shouldn't be eavesdropping." You turn around, but no ones there. "I know it's you, Troy," You say to thin air. "OK, you got me." You see Troy appear before your eyes. "Really though, you shouldn't be eavesdropping." He says. "You do it all the time!" You return. "Well yah, but never to Lu--"A quick arm tugs you into Luna's room. "OK, now we can get started." You hear Luna say from behind. "So, Twilight, fill us in on everything we don't already know." "Well," You say, "Shadow Wolfs aren't supposed to leave any marks so I'm not really sure..." Your voice trails off.
  3. "It's OK, I think I know what's happening. Long ago, there was a prophecy, that a girl reborn from the shadows, would save the world from her own kin and bring a light to all those 'reborn'. There's a catch, this girl must have a pure heart. I think your sister is afraid that this is you, and is trying to make sure you don't fulfill this prophecy." "That does sound like Nightmare." You say. Zara chirps up. "I know this is a lot to take in, so I suggest you go to your room and rest." Next thing you know, your outside of the room, them still talking inside. Wow, this IS a lot to take in.
  4. As you walk along, you seem pretty oblivious to everything around you. You stop dead when you see a way to familiar face. It was Frostline. You remember how she was supposed to go on the mission, not you, but she was sick. Even though she insisted, you went before she received the coordinates. She glares at you. Through the evil glare, you see tears. "IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ME!" She shouts across the empty corridor. You rush to her side and whisper in her ear, "It's not your fault." In moments, she's in your arms, crying. You take her to her room where, exhausted from crying, she falls asleep.
  5. To exhausted to even think, you head into your room to fall into a dreamless sleep. Right before you fall asleep, you think about the events of... What time is it? 12:30 A.M.! Wow, what an eventful morning!
  6. You wake up and stretch. You begin to think about the boys when, on cue as always, Aaron walks in. You try not to think of anything weird, when he says to you, "Yah, I know, I'm hot." He winks and you blush. "What are you doing here?" You ask. "Well, you need to train and so do I so..." "Let me guess, you wanna train with me?" "Yep!" He chuckles. He's so cute! Oops, did I just think that? He raises an eyebrow, but doesn't ask.
  7. You pick up your bow, get your training clothes on, and head out. The whole field was bottomed out and paved years ago for combat training of different types. "So, where to?" Aaron asks. "How about... the weapons field?" You answer. "Sure, let's go." Soon, your fighting each other. You with your black iron bow and him with his staff. Eventually, you head to the snack bar to grab some water bottles. Sometimes, this place seems more like a school than a mutant sanctuary. You head back out to find Aaron gone. Oh well, might as well keep training.
  8. As you train on a drone, you see Iris in the distance. Someone to do bow practice with! You rush over and chat a little. Before you know it, both of you are chopping away at a drone. Fighting is so much more fun when your fighting with someone! You thought you said that to yourself, but you didn't. "I know what you mean. It's good knowing someone has your back." You hear Iris say from above you. "Hey, wanna get a snack?" You ask. "Sure, why not." She replies. Iris is always fun to be around, because she has wings and a bow just like you. Plus, she's one of the original 5. You grab a snack and gobble down in the Safe Zone. The only place on the field where the drones can't go, or their circuits will be fried!
  9. You head back to your room exhausted(Again) and flop into bed. Wow! What a day! You slip out of your clothes and into your nightgown. As you drift into sleep, you think of tomorrow...
  10. Thanks for reading! I really don't care if you rate, but please comment! I'm tired of starting a series and no one reading it! >:( Tell me what you think!

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