After Death Part 3

This is part THREE!If you have not read the others you might want to.Sorry if this is boring, I'll try REALLY hard to make it better by part 5.Descriptions of guys are below.

DESCRIPTIONS:JOSH:Brown hair, blue eyes.Makes you feel protected.TYLER:Blonde hair and blue eyes.Flirty.NICK:Brown hair and brown eyes.Nerdy.MATTHEW:Black jet black hair and green eyes.Mysterious.

Created by: booknerd224
  1. Recap:The boys answered some of your questions about the afterlife,but then there was a big earthquake that messed up the town.Then they all agreed that the cause of it was a guy named Brandon Rowan
  2. "Who's Brandon?" I asked, since I was clearly the only one that had no idea what they were talking about.They all looked at me.Rick stepped forward."He is a evil man,who has been after you since before you were alive.He wants to destroy the human race for some reason, we haven't been able to see why yet though.It's our job to protect you.I thought about this.That must be the reason they were waiting for me when I died."Why did he cause that earthquake though?What would that help with destroting the human race or getting to me?"Nobody was unconsious on the ground when the earthquake happened, after all.Josh spoke."He probably wanted to outsmart the goverment by making them call all goverment agents,thus making us go,thus leaving you here."
  3. "Well,good thing he didn't outsmart you guys.But what now?"I asked."They all looked at each other and, at the exact same time, said"Now we have to leave here."I looked at them, and they all went to go pack bags.
  4. **Later**After they packed everything up,I took one last look at the place.It reminded me of home,even if hadn't lived there for more than 24 hours.I sighed and went to the main room.Josh,Tyler,Nick, and Matthew were standing at the door."Ready to go?"Josh asked.I nodded my head and we waked out of the house, and away from the town,never to return again.
  5. We walked into the woods that I came in through not even two days ago.It felt sad because of how this was where I learned I died.I brought my attention to the guys.They were discussing something.I slowly went faster to try to hear what they were talking about."How are we going to teach her all of it in the time it takes to get there?""There's a reason she's called special.She'll probably be able to learn it all."Answered Nick."Learn what all?" I asked.
  6. "Look, have you ever seen a cartoon where a ghost walks through walls?"He asked."Sure.Every one has.""Well, thats just one small ability.Most ghosts have two or three powers.But not you.You have every single power known to ghost, and that is why Rowan is trying to get you."Powers?They never mentioned this.But then again, I had been there for only one day.They probably were planning to teach me them.Before the earthquake."What powers do you all have?"I asked.Matthew answered this time."I have transparency, which means I can walk through walls and be mostly invisible at the same time,possesion,though I try not to use it except for in emergencys.Tyler has super speed,fire-sight, which can set things on fire, and persuasive skills that make people want to do things.Josh has super strength and can make a force field,while Nick has complete invisability,a sort of tech savvy that allows him to minipulate machines, and mind reading."
  7. "And I have every one of those?""And one more we haven't identified yet.Once we get to the closest town around here, we'll start training." He said, and that was the last word on the matter for the rest of the walk."
  8. When we finally got to the town, we went to a abandoned house.It looked like a haunted house,which is kind of ironic considering.It looked really lovely on the inside.We went inside, and sat on the couches provided."The number one rule of powers is never show them to a civilian unless nessicery.They must not know about thier powers, for there could be some dire consiquenes if every person knew about them."Josh said.
  9. "Wait, so nobody else knows about powers?" I asked."Only in an emergancy.Or if they work for the goverment."I feel so special."Any other rules?" I asked"Yes.Never..."
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!Mwahahaha!

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