10 Secrets: Character descriptions

Hey guys! This is just descriptions to people in my series called 10 Secrets. If you've read it, then you'll know who I'm talking about. If you haven't read it...GO READ IT!

Now the second paragraph. Oh what to say what to say? Stalling came be hard sometimes. I only have to write a few more words. Yay I'm so happy I'm done.

Created by: laurenblah75

  1. Ok so for all of my readers out there, I made this. One of my readers, eve1242, was saying that she would like the guys descrptions. Ok. I just desided to make a quiz for it because there are so many characters. I did all of the important ones who will be in my series and not just a one time use deal. Ok???
  2. Kendra: drak brown hair, eyes that change color (most of the time they are hazel), and has a light tan. Personality: keeps a few things to herself, friendly, curious, average Ability: unknown/non More info: evil side wants something from her
  3. Brody: light brown hair, hazel eyes, bright smile, fit Relationship with Kendra: aquaintance Personality: a bit mischevious, funny, outgoing, romantic Abitity: unknown/non More info: evil side wants something from him
  4. Melinda: long blonde hair,green eyes Relationship with Kendra: best friend Personality: clever, protective, comforting, trusting Ability: able to control all 4 elements. More info: non
  5. Lexi: dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, spray tan Relationship with Kendra: enemy Personality: popular, sly, evil Ability: unknown/non More info: Brody's ex
  6. Parker: black hair, brown eyes, muscular (not to muscular, just a tad more than Brody, Dylan, and Josh) Relationship with Kendra: ex Personality: sweet, charming, athletic, funny Ability: super strenght and speed More info: non
  7. Abby: chocolate brown hair, light blue eyes Relationship with Kendra: friend Personality: sneaky, scarastic, friendy, loud Ability: read mind/ minipulate mind More info: non
  8. Dylan: black hair, bright blue eyes, fit Relationship with Kendra: friend Personality: funny, smart, sweet, very open Ability: shape shifter More info: non
  9. Josh: dirty blonde hair, green eyes, fit Relationship with Kendra: aquiantance Personality: funny, adventurous, flirt, not very smart Ability: invisiblity More info:non
  10. Katie: jet black hair with red highlights, brown eyes Relationship with Kendra: aquaintance Personality: shy, sweet, thoughtful, not as talkative sometimes Ability: can fly and talk to animals More info: non
  11. Connie: golden hair, green eyes Relationship with Kendra: aquaintance Personality: talkative, prepared, smart, caring Ability: able to heal and has telekinious More info: non
  12. Ok that's it! You can thank eve1241. I'm working on part 5! I'm hoping for it to come out sometime next week! Comment rate!?!?!?

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