** The 10 Secrets ** Part 5

*** Read This *** I'm so sorry guys :( I didn't mean to take forever. i have no excuse really. I just haven't been on the computer lately (thanks to my brother). Anyways hope you like it :)

Recap: The guys end up getting in a fight over you (Logan and Jacob are on the same side) Jacob ends up getting knocked out. Logan was telling you what he was that they were just- when he gets cut off by a police siren. That's when you see...

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  1. From the corner of your eye. You see Jake run. You close your eyes and begin to cry. you open your eyes to see a cop standing in front of you. You knew him, F*** he's gonna tell my mom you think. "________?" "Yeah? I-I mean Yes, sir?" "What on earth happened here?" he whispered "I-I-" you stammered "She had nothing to do with this." you heard. You turned around to see Logan struggling to stand up. "This guy and I had a bit of an argument." Logan said. "Who called you guys?" you said. The police officer pointed to the house on the right from yours (Jacob's was on the left). Fan-freaking-tastic! you thought, They were probably so loud that the neighbors heard.
  2. You look down at Jacob. "Can you call an ambulance? Please?" you ask Logan. He nods and starts dialing. "Sir, please please please don't tell my mom." you beg the police officer. He makes an unsure face. "Alright. This little secret is between you and me." he says. You think, this is time to get at least a few answers about Jake.
  3. "Excuse me but.." you lick your lips nervously "Do you happen to know anything about Jake." The cops eyes widened then he said, "You don't even need to tell me his last name for me to know who he is." Oh gosh oh gosh you think so it's true?! "I've heard MANY things about that boy. They weren't exactly GOOD. I'm not sure where he's wanted but I know it's not here. I think in Florida or California. You could go there and find out." "It takes at LEAST 3 days to get there! I don't even have a car!"
  4. "I don't know what to tell you Miss _________. Let me help. If I could find you a job. I'll let you know so maybe you can afford a car. Okay?" he said with a smile. "Really?! Okay!" That's when you heard an ambulance siren. The paramedics saw Jacob. Put him on the gurney. "Tell my mom I'm at the hospital for a friend." you said quickly. "What?" You ran to the ambulance and hopped in.
  5. ** Logan's P.O.V ** I saw her jump into the ambulance. I didn't know what to do! At least I know now that she's a caring person. So I was there with that cop she was talking to when he asked me, "Did you get in a fight over __________?" My face felt hot. "N-n-no. It's just..." "Just that you like her?" I didn't answer. "Look, If you really like her." he paused "You would help her with the problem she's going through right now. If you break her heart though. Don't think I won't end up going to your house and arresting you." "And why would you do that?" I laughed "_________. Is like a daughter or sister to me. I might be old, but I know she's an amazing person and she doesn't need some dude to mess it up" " I wouldn't break her heart, sir." "Good. Now do you need a ride home?" "Yes please." I answered
  6. ** Your P.O.V ** We we're in the ambulance heading to the hospital. I stared at Jacob. He seemed to be breathing but his eyes were closed. A girl was sitting on the side of him. She was more than likely a paramedic. She had black hair tied into a bun and dark blue eyes, she was also a bit tanned. "He'll be okay." she said smiling "Are you sure?" you ask "Yeah I'm sure. Is he your boyfriend?" Your face felt hot "N-no. We're just friends." she started laughing and said, "Okay. Well if we're gonna start talking. Whats your name?" "__________. Yours?" "Katie." she said.
  7. You and Katie talked till the ambulance stopped. They put him in a room and told you to wait outside for a bit. while you waited you texted Carol what happened, she replied: :O Oh my gosh! They fought over you?! No Jacob's in the hospital?!
  8. You were about to answer but that's when the nurse told you, you could go in now. You looked at Jacob. He seemed okay at least you thought. You sat at the chair next to him just to make sure he woke up and he was okay.
  9. You kept checking on him. It was 11:30 at night. You've been at the hospital for almost 3 hours. You felt your eyes getting heavy. "No! Gotta stay awake." you whisper to yourself. You couldn't help it. 5 minutes later you fell asleep.
  10. ** Jacob's P.O.V ** I woke up with a pounding in my head. I looked around to see myself in a hospital bed. I looked to my right to see _________, asleep in a chair next to me. Why was I here? I thought. All I could remember was fighting with Jake. "Ouch!" I whispered, remembering made my head hurt.
  11. Cliffhanger! I'm sorry guys DX I have no excuse for taking so long :(. Anyways who do you like?
  12. Okay well bye b****. I swear I won't take forever like last time. Promise!

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