** The 10 Secrets ** Part 3

** Read This ** Hi! Welcome to the 3rd Part of ** The 10 Secrets ** it was supposed to be posted last night. But when I was writing this I noticed it was midnight.... Yeah. I don't know why but I get inspired at night for some reason.

Recap: Logan tells you to think about if Jake is a murder. You think Carol is spreading the "rumor" but she wasn't. Caught up in your thoughts the door bell rings and you see it's..... Jake- Black hair. Greyish blue eyes, muscular, kinda pale. Logan- Shaggy brown hair that covers his green eyes a little. Tanned, kinda muscular.

Created by: musicdino

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  1. You see it's your neighbor, Jacob. "Yes? Jacob do you need something?" Jacob was tall, tanned, and handsome. He had brown eyes that seemed to make you feel a little calmer. His hair was kinda spikey and brown. He also had a perfect tan. He moved here about 3 years ago. He was shy and quiet and polite but he was also funny and can get loud when he wants to. He looked at you seriously and said, "Can we talk? In private? Please?" "Umm... Sure?" you say
  2. "Be back in a sec." you tell mom The both of you sit on the bench outside. "Yeah?" you say. It was kinda awkward since you and Jacob haven't talked in a while. You don't know why but you two just stopped talking. Nor did you want to talk to anyone at the moment since you had things on your mind. "________, You know the dude your dating?" "Yeah obviously." you say "Right. Well I kinda found out something about him.."
  3. Oh great you think. "What did you find out?" you said "I found out that he...." he bit his lip nervously "He's a thief, ________. He steals almost everything. From money, to T.V's. You name it!" You start thinking, So was Logan right? The heck?! Oh my god... So what if this rumor isn't a rumor. Like I said in about a week I'll go and see what's REALLY going on. I hope this week goes fast...
  4. "_________? Are you okay?" "Huh? Oh! Yeah.. Just thinking." you give a weak smile "I'm sorry you had to hear that ________. It's just I'm not sure if it's safe to go out with him. I just don't want someone as pretty as you to get hurt." with that he leaned in close and.....
  5. He kissed your forehead. Afterwards he left. You went inside just to think about things again!!!
  6. "What did he need, Sweetie?" "Oh. He just needed some help for a project he's doing in class. It's ok though. Everything's covered." You went up to your room and took out the paper that said, Jake murderer or not. You scratched out murderer and wrote criminal. You didn't wanna tell Carol because she might flip or something. So you just laid in bed and thought about what to do.
  7. Why MY boyfriend?! You think. *sigh* Next week I'll find out what's going on. I just need to find out from the police station.... Or anywhere! To prove Jake's innocent!!!
  8. I guess that means...... Logan was right. Oh god. How am I gonna act tomorrow. Just thinking about Jake made you felt uncomfortable. You had to get this off of your chest. So you went downstairs to talk to your mom.
  9. "Mom?" "Yes _________?" You're not really sure if this was the best idea. "Mom, Do you know any police officers?" She looked at you seriously "Yes. Mr. Rodriguez the police officer. Why do you ask?" "Because.." you begin "Because I think Jake is hiding something from me.." You could tell mo was getting mad. "Jake, Your boyfriend?" "Yeah. People keep telling me these things and.. I don't want to believe it but deep inside me. I know it's probably true."
  10. "Like what?" mom said "well... They say he's a criminal, but mom! You've seen him! He doesn't look like a criminal AT ALL!!" she lifted your chin with her hand and said, "I know you can figure this out. I know you have a plan by now." you felt like crying. Does this mean your mom isn't gonna help you? Just go with the plan you thought.
  11. Soooo... That's it for this Part! who do you like so far? Sorry for taking so long on this Part. I've been going outta town lately.

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