Around The World and Back Again

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Hi. This is my first quiz and I'm sooo excited to hear your thoughts and ideas. If you have a quiz that you want me to take, just type in the comments!

This quiz is about your adventures. There will be lots of places to go, people to see, and a lot of deception and secrets. You will meet a guy in this part and leave another. I will try to make this quiz different than the other amazing quizzes I've read. Have fun!

Created by: Jinx_TheSleuth
  1. Hi! This is my first quiz. I love reading quizzes and I decided to make one of my own. This is a story about your adventure and the people you are going to spend it with!
  2. "Hey ____! Wake up you nincompoop!" Karissa yelled. The whole class laughed and pointed at you. Karissa used to be your best friend until you guys had a big fight in the hallway about something you don't even remember. Plus, she's dating your ex-boyfriend Ndale. You woke up with drool smothered on you face and the class laughed harder. "What do you want Karissa?" you said. "Nothing I just wanted to remind you how much of a dork you are." Karissa smirked. Your teacher kept shushing you. "Oh and Ndale said hi." Karissa bragged. "That does it." you said. You grabbed Karissa by her hair and started punching the crap out of her. Your teacher broke up the fight and called the principal and he gave both of you detention.
  3. You walked to detention after school. There are two rooms for detention. You are in one and Karissa is in the other one. You sat down and looked to the right. "Awww man." You moaned. Ndale was sitting two seats to the right from you-staring. Ndale was tall and lean. He had brown flippy hair and brown eyes. "What are you looking at?!?" you said. "Look _____, I'm sorry for everything I've done." he apologized. "You think I'm going to forgive you after everything you've done to me. You were my best friend and my first real boyfriend." you yelled. "Whatever..." Ndale said. "Is that all you have to say is whatever?" you screamed. The teacher shooshed you and you got an extra 30 minutes of detention. You walked home and took a shower. You walked back downstairs and said hi to your mom. "Hi sweetie. There's someone here to see you." Your mom said smiling. There was a boy sitting in your living room. He stood up. He looked at you as if he won a prize. "Hi ______ I'm Zador and I'm here to take you home." he said. Zador was muscular but not buff. He had shoulder length black hair and noticable amber eyes. "Home? I'm already home!" you stepped back. Your mom came in. "Sweetie. You're going to go live with your father in Florida." she said slowly. "What?!?!" you said happily. You ran upstairs and grabbed all of your clothes and suitcases. You ran downstairs and was ready to go. You said your goodbyes to your mom and left with Zador.
  4. You guys were going to drive in his blue sports car. You couldn't wait to leave all the drama. When he got into the car Zador looked at you with his amber eyes and smiled. "What?" you said questioning your decision to leave with this total stranger. "'re just beautiful that's all." he blushed. "Thanks. By the way, who are you?" you asked. "I work for your father's archaeology company." he explained. "Why didn't he just pick me up?" you asked. "You have a lot of questions." he said laughing. "But everything will be answered soon enough" he said trailing off. *What does that supposed to mean* you thought to yourself. You saw him stare at you and turn away quickly. You drove off and waived goodbye to Pennsylvania. You drove for about four hours and stopped. "We're here" Zador said. "No we're not! We only drove for FOUR hours!" you said worried. "I know. We're not going to your fathers house. I don't even know your father." he said smiling. You looked scared and your body stiffened up. "Then who are you and where are we going!?!?" you demanded to know the answer. "We are in Wilmington, Deleware. We are going to the Port of Wilmington to head out to sea on my boat." You looked puzzled. "Why do you need me?" you asked. "You are the key to finding an ancient artifact." he looked at you with sincere eyes. "Why should I help you?" you asked. "Please, I need you." he said. You thought about it for a second. *Should I go back home to backstabbing friends, ex-boyfriends, and detention? Or should I stay with this handsome guy who needs me?* After living with your marine biologist mom and knowing your archaeologist father, you know a thing or two about traveling and adventure. You always had a taste for adventure. "Let's go!" you said.
  5. That's the end of part 1. I will definetly make part 2 if you guys like it. I have so many ideas. There will be more guys, places to go, and more secrets and suprises.
  6. Since there's a requirement for 12 questions, I will tell you some things about "Around the World and Back Again".
  7. First, I will make this quiz different from any other quiz. There will be a lot of love interests so don't worry girls. But it's not going to be too lovey dovey. It will almost be like the Wild Thornberry's I guess. Except for the fact that you won't be talking to animals.
  8. So, I was doing a lot of geographical research and I thought it would be cool to visit each continent and one or two countries within that continent. Like I said it's kinda like the wild thornberrys or Indiana Jones. I think you will like the traveling part of this quiz.
  9. I would love to hear your ideas and I will definetly try to fit all of your ideas in the story.
  10. Well this is the last "question". This story will be kinda long and I will be doing this quiz almost everyday and especially on weekends because I do online school. And I will continue this during the summer and make more fun quizzes! I can't wait to hear if you like it or not! Thank you for your time!

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