Are you Physic?

OCTAVIUS has returned and has came back to help you understand you "hidden" talent. Are you physic.. well step back into my world of magic and dark things..

and see if you are really gifted and if you are blessed. I wish you luck in what ever you are but more luck if you are a mortal hahahahaha!! This quiz is for my dear friend MZ

Created by: Octavius Grimwood

  1. Look at your hand right now look inbetween your fingers can you see a colored outline?
  2. Can you see visions? (Clarvoyance)
  3. Do you experinace things that were all ready experieniced
  4. can you heal people or take away their engery
  5. Did you almost die?
  6. Do you remember things from your past life
  7. Do you have a telepahtic realsonship with someone? (can you read each others mind so to speak)
  8. Can you control sound (as in if alot alot of people are screaming loudly can you block it out)
  9. Can you see the future
  10. Lets say your friend is having a real bad stomach ache and they fell on the ground hurting can you feel there pain (I mean not feel sorry i mean do you hurt)
  11. Can you control fire,water, or et (like a radio.. like if it is blasting loud can you turn it down without turning the nob)
  12. Can you control many things with your mind

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Quiz topic: Am I Physic?