Are you Magical?

Very few people posess what is called "magic", or unique abilities to manipulate and communicate with the things around you. Some people encounter coincidences, like guessing the exact time, and others have dreams or visions about their lives. These are all signs of magic, and almost everyone has some!

Do YOU posess magical abitity? Can you control the forces of awsomeness? Do you really want to know if you have the special spark in your soul that is magic? Take this quiz and see!

Created by: Alisa

  1. First of all, if you were given a chance to be a wizard, or mage, or whatever, would you take it?
  2. Describe yourself:
  3. Do you have short cuts to solving problems or remembering something quickly, like a catchy tune for how to tie your shoe or small rhyme of how to get to a certain place in your town?
  4. It is said that the average person uses only 3% of their brain to do and think. What do you think we could do if using every part of our brain?
  5. Do you often daydream or think up stories or pictures in your head randomly?
  6. How often do you experience coincidences, like you thought of a word, then you heard it aloud on tv or you think of an episode, turn on the tv, and it's on?
  7. What spell would you use to change or manipulate an object or someone?
  8. If you could know about anything, what would it be?
  9. A burgler is in your house! What do you do?
  10. I realized I wrote 912 in the last question by mistake. Fudge anyway what if it was the day before your birthday and you knew where the presents are> They are wrapped, as well.
  11. What are your favourite games to play?
  12. Ok time for some trivia! What is half-man half-goat creature?
  13. There are five pieces of candy: one red, one blue, two yellow, and one that is NOT red or yellow. Your friend takes the blue and one that is not red or yellow. Which are left?
  14. Haha I just wanted to mess with you. Ok. Last question. How often do you remember your dreams, or dream about someone you know or you in the furute?

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