Hogwarts Exam: Care of Magical Creatures

Care of Magical Creatures is taught by Rubeus Hagrid at Hogwarts. One of his exams consisted of taking care of flobberworms, however, this exam will be a bit harder than that.

This exam covers all magical creatures, not just the ones mentioned in the books. I strongly suggest reading Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them before taking this exam.

Created by: tazemaster
  1. What are hippogriffs?
  2. When approaching a hippogriff, what should you do first?
  3. What do nifflers do?
  4. What color is unicorn blood? (Hint: You saw it in the first movie.)
  5. Which gender do adult unicorns prefer?
  6. What happens if you drink unicorn blood?
  7. Who can see thestrals?
  8. What kind of creature was Aragog?
  9. Why should you never look a basilisk in the eye?
  10. How is a basilisk born?
  11. What does a boggart show you?
  12. Werewolves are normal humans that become werewolves under the new moon.
  13. What do flobberworms prefer to eat?

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