O.W.L - Care of magical creatures

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Welcome , welcome. To your Ordinary Wizarding Level Care of Magical Creatures exam. I hope you studied hard enough to get that 'O'. Remember it's not going to be 100% easy.

Please do not cheat in this test, for if you do you're only cheating yourself. Please note that no spell checking quills are allowed. The last thing I have to say is Good Luck ; you may begin.

Created by: Alish_D
  1. What is a basilisk ?
  2. What length is a basilisk capable growing to?
  3. Who created the first basilisk
  4. What is the only known cute for basilisk venom ?
  5. When does a basilisk flee ?
  6. Who is the only known person whom a basilisk has killed ?
  7. What form does a boggart take ?
  8. Where do Boggarts like to hide ?
  9. Which of the following statements are true about centaurs ?
  10. Which of the following describe centaurs ?
  11. What are dementors ?
  12. Approximately how many meters high are they ?
  13. What is the only part of they body when they wear ____ ?
  14. Where do most goblins work ?
  15. What color eyes do goblins have ?
  16. How tall are house elves ?
  17. When is a house elf freed ?
  18. To who are thestrals visible to ?
  19. When do werewolves exist ?
  20. Is there something in the wizarding world that can cure a werewolf ?

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