Got Healing Talent?

There are many ways to feel bad in this world and there are many people who need curing. A Healer is someone who intuitively knows the right way to take away discomfort, someone who always knows the correct remedy.

Do You have Healing Talent? Can you make an unwell person feel better by just laying your hand upon his/her brow or soothe an unhappy child? Take this quiz and find out if you got the Gift!

Created by: Nefertiabet
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  1. If your little sister or brother falls and hurts her/his knee, do you:
  2. When your boy/girlfriend complains about headache, do you:
  3. You have been presented with a beautiful, complicated flower in a pot. How long does it thrive in your care?
  4. When you were a child, your dream profession was:
  5. In company where the stress level is high and people start to get really irritated, do you:
  6. You are babysitting and the kid gets a tummy ache and starts crying. What do you do:
  7. On your vacation you are most likely to:
  8. You feel really bad. You feel like never leaving your bed again. What do you do:
  9. You enter a room with strangers. What is the normal way they will react to your appearance?
  10. The Flu is circulating. What is your normal reaction?

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