The Billy Talent test

There are much fans of Billy Talent, but not everybody knows everything about them. I've run out of words now, so I say: nfjkkhfjhajh, which means nothing.

Are you a true fan?? find out by taking this quiz. you'll see if you're a real fan or a noob! just have fun taking this quiz and take as many as you can. I will say the same thing at the end, sorry for that

Created by: Rozanne Tiggelman

  1. When did the band started?
  2. How were they called back then??
  3. when did they changed their name?
  4. How is the singer called??
  5. How is the guitar player called?
  6. How is the drummer called??
  7. How is the bass player called??
  8. Who of the 4 guys is known by his tattoo, which says: 'Never give up'?
  9. How does the guitar player's hair look like?
  10. How does the singer's hair look like??
  11. how does the drummer's hair look like??
  12. How does the bass player's hair look like?
  13. Where do they come from?

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