How much do you know about Billy Gilman

So, you think you know Billy Gilman? Are you a true fan? Or are you just a small follower? Have you ever heard of him? If you haven't than you better search him like right now! He's amazing, and you should totally listen to him now.

Okay, I don't know what else to say. So, just take the quiz, listen to Billy Gilman, and help bring him back! He deserves to have another hit! He's amazing! I mean common! He's sooooo cute!

Created by: rebekahgilman

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  1. Which song talks about school violence?
  2. Finsh the song, "one last turn he held his breathe..."
  3. In the song Elisabeth, what was Elisabeth baptised in?
  4. Which one of these moves is Billy Gilman famous for doing while he sings.
  5. These lyrics belong to which song of his? "My heart skips a beat, when I watch her go by I don't know if she knows, if i'm even alive I'd love to ask her out..."
  6. "Our First Kiss said more than just good night" is from what song?
  7. In the song, "Three words, Two Hearts, One Kiss." what are the three words that he means?
  8. "For a straight A student who knows so much You don't know nothin' bout love Well you and me make history There's no two hearts like us Well go on, pretend, you can't figure it out Well if there's any doubt" Which song are these lyrics from?
  9. How old was Billy Gilman when his hit "One Voice" reached #1?
  10. Which one of these albums was released in 2006?
  11. What was his first album called?
  12. When was he born?
  13. When a fan interviewed him, she asked what was his favorite color. He looked at what he was wearing, and said, "Well, considering what I'm wearing I'd have to say..."
  14. What's Billy Gilman full biological name?
  15. When was his first album released?
  16. In the song Oklahoma, the dad was a(n) what in his younger days?
  17. Even if the pipes are knockin' and the walls are thin We keep on rockin' like a cradle in the wind We ain't got much money but we got enough We got the power of young love" What's the next verse say?
  18. Did Billy Gilman sing Michael Jackson's hit song "Ben"
  19. Which of these isn't a Billy Gilman song?
  20. Which ear does he tend to tug on

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