Do you know Billy Gilman?

This is all about Billy Gilman. Don't cheat! I will know.... HE USES HIS ONE VOICE TO DARE TO DREAM ABOUT GIVING US EVERYTHING AND MORE, AND WITH HIS MUSIC THROUGH HEARTSONGS. BILLY GILMAN CAN ALWAYS GIVE US A CLASSIC CHRISTMAS. that is every one of his CDs used in that scentence. check if you dont believe me. (I KINDA COPIED IT FROM SOMEONE OFF OF guess we will find out if you know billy gilman. i bet you dont. you will cheat or fail. but you could know about him. ive seen quizzes here before with mentions about him.

Created by: crazybout_billy (kinda who i t

  1. What genre of music does Billy sing?
  2. How tall is Billy?
  3. What color are his eyes?
  4. Where was Billy born?
  5. What year was he born?
  6. Billy's first album is...
  7. Billy's albums include:
  8. Billy has a:
  9. Billy first appeared in public at age...
  10. Billy has __________ hair:
  11. Billy's birth name is really Billy.
  12. Billy has _____ siblings and they are...?
  13. Billy is married.
  14. Billy Gilman is retired.
  15. Billy is:
  16. Billy will be making a public appearance...
  17. Billy drives a:
  18. Billy loves to:
  19. Websits?
  20. Did you notice the spelling mistake in the last question? (stupid but w.e.)
  21. Okay. 2 more questions. Will you comment?
  22. Do you even know who Billy Gilman is? (one more sorry)
  23. Here we go...

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Quiz topic: Do I know Billy Gilman?