Do you have anxiety?

Do you have extreme over the top Anxiety? Or are things an easy ride for you in life?? Take this quiz and find your true place on the Anxiety Meter. Ignore this: I love you, you love me, were a happy family, With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, wont you say you love me too?

Ready?Set?... Oh wait...are you too anxious to do it?? No?? Well then...GO! Ignore this: Panda, rice mama. Billy bob tom cat mother hubbard in a cupboard. Lucy liked pinapples, yum she said, and went to bed, hooray!

Created by: Pina coloda

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  1. When your scared you...
  2. The class just received their tests from yesterday back and you find out you got an F-, you...
  3. You and your friends have a vicious fight, in which they let some cruel things slip that you think they may actually mean, you...
  4. When nervous... how do you cope?
  5. No one is home and its night time, you think you hear footsteps on the stairs or in your attic, you...
  6. Whats anxiety to you?
  7. You want to go to the prom, but its the next day and you have nothing to wear, you...
  8. How high is your anxiety rate capable of going?
  9. Your unexpectedly caught by surprise when your told you have to be the spokesman for your soccer clubs fund raiser, the first thing you think is...
  10. How many things are you fearful of??

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Quiz topic: Do I have anxiety?