what do people call you behind your back?

Have you ever wondered what people are gossiping about you? What they are saying behind your back?This quiz is to show you what they really are saying about you if you really must know.

But I have to warn you the answer might not be what you wanted.You may get an answer like "YOU ARE THE STUPID PERSON EVER!" But i highly doubt that. I do not knew every person in the world.

Created by: katie
  1. Do you enjoy playing sports? If so are you good at it?
  2. If someone fell down and it was just you and him and he was wailing for help you would...
  3. do you look n the mirror about 7,000 times a day?
  4. Do you run away from your past.
  5. Do a lot of people laugh at your jokes and you get embarrassed by that?
  6. Do you hid secrets and feelings?
  7. what do you do when you see your best friend hanging out with your worst enemy?
  8. do you get jealous easily?
  9. do like this quiz?
  10. last question.

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Quiz topic: What do people call you behind my back?