How well do you know Characters?

There are many people who think they know Characters, but few really do. Some people call it their home and others may just call it a night out. What do you call it?

Do you think you know Characters Pub well? Take this quiz and find out! It is full of useless questions and answers, that are fun could also be a bit entertaining.

Created by: Mark

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  1. What is Charaters pub sometime known as?
  2. What is the name of the curly haired bartender?
  3. Who is the owner of Characters Pub?
  4. What are thursday nights known for?
  5. Where is Characters located?
  6. Does Charaters Pub have a pool table?
  7. What street is Characters on?
  8. What happens when you go to Charaters?
  9. Characters pub does not serve munchies?
  10. Whats your favorite local band to play at Characters?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Characters?