What Sport Position do You fit In?

Many people have made livings off of doing world known sports. some people grew up doing them - others havent even seen a single game played in a back yard. a sport is a way to show your passion, devotion, and natural style in life.

for those seeking a different form of fortune cookie, this is a test to tell what you would fit as on a field, court, or race track. just a few seconds of your spare time could become the seconds spent finding who you really are!

Created by: racinggirl
  1. A forest near by is burned down. what do you do?
  2. You sleep at night:
  3. People see you as:
  4. Fav animal?
  5. Physically, what are you best known for?
  6. SImple thing here to test your brain now. try to answer this: six horses enter a race. two drop out beforehand, 4 join in the week before also. is it a steeplechase, or a run with jumps in it. an average stride for a horse is about 6 ft. if the course is .34 of a mile, the race is .69 miles long, and a jump is between every 3 strides, how many jumps will there be?
  7. Fav. superhero?
  8. Mentally, you are best known for:
  9. You'd rather live where?
  10. Do you believe that things are possible?
  11. do think this test will be accurate?
  12. f you could wish for anything, what would it be?
  13. You Walk:
  14. You act more curious than cautious
  15. You think more curious than cautious
  16. Did you do a curious/cautious combo for the last two questions?
  17. Would you be willing to believe me if i told you that the first two questions (gender/age) had nothing to do with the result of this test?
  18. You worry from levels:
  19. Are you proud of yourself?
  20. I'm sorry to push this, but do you have any regrets on your past?
  21. Have you Judged me, the creature of this quiz, by the spelling mistakes that i made? (please do be honest :))
  22. Do you actually do sports?
  23. You are the one who challenges others
  24. You are the one being challenged

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Quiz topic: What Sport Position do I fit In?