What soccer position do you play?

Did you always want to find out what position you deserve the most. well now you can because you are taking a quiz that is at least 80% accurate at finding your position.

Are you goalkeeper, defense, middle fielder, forward, or a water boy? Well now if you take this quiz you can really know.Will you qualify to be a part of your team?

Created by: Jesus Rodriguez

  1. How far can you kick the ball.
  2. Can you score a lot of goals?
  3. Can you far can you dive?
  4. How fast can you run?
  5. what # would you choose?
  6. How far can you run without stoping?
  7. What position do you desire?
  8. Can you score with a header?
  9. Will you like to use your hands?
  10. Did you like the quiz?(no effect will happen)

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Quiz topic: What soccer position do I play?