What Soccer Position Are You?

So what soccer position best fits you? Striker? Defence? Goalie? Mid-field? Take the quiz now and see for yourself!!!

Will you be the daring forward? The patient defence? The speedy goalie? or the strong midfield? This is a quick and fun quiz that tells you what you are most fit to be. Try it out now!

Created by: Nick
  1. About how many goals do you score in a single season?
  2. About How Many Assists do you get in a season?
  3. What foul do you constantly get called on?
  4. You get the ball, what is your first thought?
  5. Who is your favorite Player?
  6. You have a mid-difficulty free-kick, what do you do?
  7. What is your favorite move?
  8. What do you use to your advantage?
  9. What kind of a person are you?
  10. What's Your Favorite Position?

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Quiz topic: What Soccer Position am I?