soccer position

This is to find out what position you might play in soccer but mostly for if you play but dont know what position you shuold play. or maybe you just want to have some fun

if you do not actually play soccer you might. find this quiz difficult. most of the questions are based aruond actuall things in soccer. you could just base it of your lifestyle or how you play other sports

Created by: bert
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  1. in a game are you tackling or bieng takled?
  2. how many fouls do you usually get per game
  3. do you make or save more shots
  4. are you an accurate passer
  5. can you punt the ball a long ways
  6. can you shoot the ball in the "upper 90"
  7. are you physiacal with your game
  8. are "PK's" your freind
  9. do you kick free kicks well?
  10. play style

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