which soccer pro are you?

Are you a soccer king? can you bend it like beckham? which of the self proclaimed god's of soccer are you? styles,goals what ever makes you stand out will ajust your fate as the person that most resembles you...

So who exactly are you be proud of your scores every answer is a good answer so take this quiz and be entitled to your soccer star life is full of suprises even this is un-acurate towards you its still a fun quiz so sit back relax and enjoy!

Created by: bubba
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what continent to you live in?
  2. whats your play type?
  3. position?
  4. on a world scale whats your club team like?
  5. bending ability?
  6. your league?
  7. hat tricks?
  8. hair length
  9. do you have your own cleat line?
  10. club colors

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Quiz topic: Which soccer pro am I?