the Soccer Trivia Quiz

There are many people who play soccer, but only a few are true soccer geniuses. You could be one of them by taking this quiz. You'll never know unless you find out!

are you a soccer genius? do you remeber all those positions that you may have played in the last games?you don't have to wait,you can find out right now!

Created by: Hannah Shnklebober
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  1. What position is in between Offence & Defence?
  2. What position is Mid-field & Defence?
  3. OK, so how about the Position Between Goalie & Mid-field?
  4. Then what's the position between Goalie and Defence?
  5. What is th position 3 positions away from Goalie?
  6. What is the position 3 positions down from offence
  7. What is the position 2 positions up from mid-field?
  8. If you sitting for 1/2, what do you do?
  9. Do you watch World Cup soccer?
  10. What is your favorite position?

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