What Soccer Position Do You Prefer?

This is a short quiz to find which position in soccer/football you are best playing in, which your skills and mind-set are best for. This is not too accurate so don't worry if you don't get your best or favourite position, it only takes into account the main positions, with no attacking or defending rolls, no holding rolls or anything detailed.

Find out for fun or you can take it seriously, best take it as fun, else I may get unwanted hatemail... Either way have fun. Try to answer honestly and not to what you think will get you your favourite position, you may find out your a brilliant footballer but have just been in the wrong position for too long. What position will you get?

Created by: Andrew
  1. Do you run and sprint frequently during a match?
  2. Do you like to shout out commands at other players?
  3. Do you pass a lot?
  4. Do you like to take a man on?
  5. Will you risk limbs to win?
  6. Do you over exagerate things?
  7. How often do you take the ball off of an opposing player?
  8. When do you show off your tricks and skills?
  9. Are you very energetic?
  10. Which position do you play in?

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Quiz topic: What Soccer Position do I Prefer?