What is your basketball position?

Basketball is a team sport, which has many positions with specific jobs. Point guard takes out the ball, shooting guard shoots, small forward awaits for a pass, power forward defends, center rebounds, etc. Basketball is a busy game.

When playing basketball with a group of people, have you ever wondered what position you would have if you were playing real basketball? What position you would have playing in NBA or Euroleague or elsewhere? Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: basketball_playa
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Complete this phrase (answer which one sounds the best to you): when / while I play basketball, I have to...
  2. What's your height (when you'll be an adult)?
  3. How fast can you run (compared to your peers)?
  4. How high can you jump?
  5. How is your ball-handling?
  6. Are you physical?
  7. Do you rebound often?
  8. How's your stamina?
  9. Can you shoot well outside the 3-point line
  10. How about inside the 2-point line
  11. What is your overall free-throw percentage?
  12. Last question: Do you like basketball?

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Quiz topic: What is my basketball position?