are you better at basketball than me?!

ther is many of basketball players, but few are as good as me. so do you reallythink you are as good as me? well take the quiz and fund out! because i really doubt anyone is better than me. i hope you had a good summer and i hope that you dont suck at basketball.

are you good at basketball? well take this quiz and see! are you amazing? well see if you are more amazing than me! hardly anyone is, an i really doubt you are. see if you are worthy of this quiz and yep so yaa im so awesome.

Created by: crayzie-bball-chick

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  1. do u even play basketball?
  2. can you make atleast 6 out of 10 3-pointers?
  3. can you dribble thru your legs easily
  4. can you easily dribble around your back
  5. can you dribble while running down the court full speed without looking up?
  6. can you make a simple easy layup 9 out of ten times
  7. can you pass good without getting intercepted
  8. can you make outside jump shots easily?
  9. are you fast at all?
  10. can you jump high and grab rebounds
  11. are you the mvp of your team(s)

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Quiz topic: Am I better at basketball than me?!