how good are you at basketball?

there are all types of basketball players. but which type do you really want to be? well find out by taking this quiz! answer truthfully and dont be ashamed if the results dont show up so great!XD

Are you good at basketball? do you have what it takes to be a great player? like i said... take this quiz! you wont regret it! i hope you like it everyone!!!!!

Created by: paul

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  1. are you fast?
  2. are you good at stealing
  3. are you good at swatting/packing?
  4. 3pt. shooting?
  5. mid-range shooting?
  6. close shots
  7. free throw %?
  8. can you jump?
  9. offensive rebounding?
  10. defensive rebounding?
  11. overall defense
  12. overall shooting?
  13. 1 on 1 game?
  14. post-up game?
  15. lay-up in traffic?
  16. shooting in the defenders face...
  17. passing/assists?
  18. endurance/conditioning?
  19. dribbling?
  20. extras: reverse lay-ups, hook shots, fancy play, etc...
  21. are you strong? : aggressive, explosive, passionate, etc...?

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Quiz topic: How good am I at basketball?