NBA quiz, do you know your stuff

This is an NBA quiz for all you basketball mad fans out there, the quiz has some easy questions in it but it also has some very easy questions aswell.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a basketball manager or coach, no, me neither. This is a nice simple quiz about basketball that everyone should enjoy if you like basketball

Created by: zak

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  1. Who was the scoring leader this rugular NBA season
  2. who won the NBA mvp
  3. who was the leading shot blocker this season
  4. How did lebron james get injured against detroit, it was his only injury of the season
  5. which player is now referred to as Soulja boy
  6. who did the cleveland cavaliers play in the second round of the playoffs last year
  7. Which two teams did ray allen and kevin garnett play for before the celtics trade
  8. Which team does derrick rose play for
  9. who was MVP of the rookie-sophmore all-star game this season
  10. what was the most amount of points scored by a team this season,which team was it
  11. who coached the dallas mavericks this season

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Quiz topic: NBA quiz, do I know my stuff