Are you Objective?, it's a quiz. About Objectivity. Which, means something completely different from the quiz. But it IS NOT a made up word, ok? If you looked it up in the dictionary, it would be there.

If you are objective... it means stuff. And... that stuff means other stuff. If you really want to know what Objectivity means you probably should look at because, last time I checked, I wasn't adictionary.

Created by: objectivity

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  1. So, your best friend is crying over how they broke up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, what do you do?
  2. How do you treat your friends?
  3. So, you have a friend who is classified as "retarded". What do you do if someone calls them that?
  4. What are your friends like?
  5. Do you enjoy confrontation?
  6. Can you easily remove yourself from a situation? [FINALLY! The definition of Objectivity >>]
  7. Jackie?
  8. I'm tired...
  10. Jessica is a gangster.

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Quiz topic: Am I Objective?