Are you a MySpace Freak or Too Cool for School?

What's your myspace personality? Do you make for a good friend? Are you really as obsessed with myspace as your friends say you are or are you "too cool to care" as you let on?

Well, finally, here's an objective test to prove someone wrong, in a "truth hurts, doesn't it" punchy kinda way. WARNING: this is just a "stupid" test and your friends might think you're a dork for taking it. Proceed only if secure in your coolness.

Created by: Ashley of this site
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  1. Why did you join MySpace?
  2. You'd get upset to not be in someone's top friends list if s/he was...
  3. What best describes your comment/message back policy?
  4. Let's say you have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now. How long until you switched the status to "in a relationship"?
  5. You accept friend requests...
  6. How much info do you post about yourself?
  7. How often do you change your photos, profile song, layout or About Me section?
  8. How often do you log on to myspace?
  9. Do you blog or post bulletins?
  10. Which statement is true:

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Quiz topic: Am I a MySpace Freak or Too Cool for School?