How cool is your myspace page?

There are many myspace pages, but few are very cool. Now you can find out if your myspace page is cool or if it is just plane stupid. Try out this quiz unless you know yours is stupid.

Is your myspace page cool? Does your myspace page have what it takes to be the coolest or at least cool? Now you can find out. Take this short quiz and find out immediately once you are done.

Created by: wayne
  1. Does your myspace have a default?
  2. Does you have more than 50 pics on your myspace page?
  3. When people view your myspace page do they have to scroll down far to get to the bottom?
  4. Do you have lots of videos on your myspace page? (Over 5)
  5. Do you have a creative background?
  6. Do you have a playlist?
  7. Does your playlist have more than 5 songs?
  8. Private or public?
  9. Does your myspace page have anything to interact with, like games or anything of that gender?
  10. Are your friends viewable or hidden?
  11. Does your page have comments on it?
  12. Do any of your pics include motion?
  13. Are your pics able to be saved by other people?( If they can save your pic they can put it on there page.)
  14. Do you have this test on your page?

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Quiz topic: How cool is my myspace page?