The Girl Who Lived part 13

I've been thinking and whoever read the last comments page from my previous quiz knows what it is. I have thought of making another series and its based on pretty cool stuff.

It's a modern day spin off of the famous couple, Bonny and Clyde. So yeah, thats my idea. Post a comment in the comments section if you have anything you'd like to say about it.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. The days seemed shorter and before I knew it, the eve of Christmas was upon us. The suspicion I had of Snape, I had decided to ignore for the time being since I didn't want to be stressed on this holiday. It was evening now and the only ones who had stayed at Hogwarts over break were in the Gryffindor common room. It was only Harry, Ron, the twins and me in the common room, sitting on the floor in a circle.
  2. "What's the plan for tomorrow?" I was anxious, I've never really had a "˜family Christmas'. I've never known my biological parents and the Malfoys would make me work at their annual Christmas parties without giving a second thought to it.
  3. "Well, I want to put up a tree." Said Ron who was eating a piece of pumpkin bread and letting the crubs fall all over him and onto the floor.
  4. "It's quite chilly, can I start a fire?" I headed toward the fire place but George gave me his Jacket.
  5. "No need."
  6. "By the way, when you put up a tree, is it metal or do you cut a real one down and then decorate it?"
  7. "We normally cut one down but since we don't have the tools for it with us now, we'll just use a fern in one of the professors classrooms."
  8. "Oh, now that I'm thinking about it, I don't have a gift for anyone."
  9. "Don't worry about that part, why don't we all participate in Secret Santa?" Said the twins.
  10. That's an excellent idea." Harry put our names into a hat and we drew names. I got Ron and I also got George. That was rather strange considering that everyone had only put their names in once. I waved this off and knew instantly what to get them. We said our goodbyes and I went to my room. Hours later after I guessed everyone was asleep, I headed down to a kitchen, or should I say wheeled? I had found it on one of my days of exploring. By exploring, I mean on days I meant to head to the library but in the end, got lost on the way. I prepared Ron and Fred's Gift, wrapped it and headed to sleep. I woke in the morning to find everyone up and presents under the tinseled fern in the common room. I placed my gifts under it as well. Fred, George, Ron and Harry wore santa hats. Ron's hat had the word "˜Dunce' written clearly on the front of his hat but I guess he just has never seen it. First Harry received his gifts. He had gotten an invisibility cloak but no one of us had claimed to have had given it to him. From Ron, he got a piece of candy. Then it was Ron. Ron received a loaf of Banana bread from me which he ate without sharing. Fred got a can of peanut brittle from me which he opened and it sprung out at him. He also got a gift from Harry, it was a whoopee cushion. "Wait a minute, if I got Fred a gift and you got Fred a gift, that means he entered his name twice."
  11. "It's not my fault. George was doing the same thing." Claimed Fred.
  12. "Enough of your bickering, it's Christmas." I finally got them to be quiet. George had gotten a whoopee cushion from Harry. Lastly, I had received two gifts. "Okay, what's up with this? I know for a fact I didn't put my name in twice." I opened the first present. It was from George. It was a scrapbook marked "˜Weasley family scrapbook' in large print. I turned to the most recent page. There was a picture of the Weasley family and a picture of me cut out and pasted into the picture. From Fred I got a small picture folded in half. I opened it to find a picture of Ron marked "˜Ron blackmail. Whenver you need him to do something, use this'. We hugged each other and before we knew it, Christmas break was over and everyone had returned to Hogwarts.

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