The Girl Who Lived part 11

So, I am already starting to plan out the ending of it. Anyway, I can't wait to jump into year 2. Unlike a few writers I will not be skipping to the third year.

I could have, but I decided not to because,then the relationships between the characters would've been odd and there would be so much to explain. Thats about it.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. Later that day Neville and I sat in an uncomfortable silence when the twins came running in.
  2. "He's after us." They both said as they stood by my bedside farthest from the door. Minutes later Ron came jogging in out of breath, it sounded as if he had asthma. He walked closer and that's when I got a good look at his face and his outfit. He was wearing a girly pink dress of Ginny's, flats that didn't fit him and a ginger wig. His face was caked with make up. He had on foundation, pink blush and blue eye shadow. He looked real pretty, if he just stayed silent you could consider him a girl.
  3. "I'll get you no matter what." Ron wheezed out.
  4. "What did you two do now? Why is Ron so out of breath?" I asked.
  5. "I'll tell you what they did. I was taking a short nap and when I woke up I was looking like this and there were pictures of Fred and George putting make up on me all over the buildings. "
  6. "Ron, there is a bright side to this. It may not seem like it but there is."
  7. "Really? I'd just like to hear this. It seems as if my currents situation couldn't get any better."
  8. "Well, I was going to say.." All eyes in the room were on me. They stared and waited for my response. "That you looked pretty." At that moment the twins and Neville broke into laughter while Harry and Hermoine had just entered the room to only see Ron dressed in drag and see me complimenting him for it.
  9. "Did we miss something?" Harry asked with a completely confused look on his face. I was trying not to laugh but it was hurting my ribcage. Finally I was able to keep a straight face.
  10. "Nothing at all. Harry, did you make the quid ditch tryouts?"
  11. "Yeah, just barely. I'm so excited that I got on the team. I met the captain of the team. He seems nice. He's a fifth year and his name is Oliver Wood."
  12. "That's great! When's your first game?"
  13. "Tomorrow. I was hoping you'd come."
  14. "I would love that but, I haven't been discharged from the hospital yet."
  15. "I already asked the nurse. She says that as long as your in a wheelchair, stay in it and as long as your stitches don't come out, you'll be fine."
  16. "Thanks Harry. You're the best." I flung my arms around him and gave him a bear hug. "I need to get out of here. It's so stuffy and confined. I feel like a caged bird. Maybe even how Ron feels wearing that dress and those heels. Speaking of which, if you hate wearing those clothes so much, why don't you just go change." Ron again blushed a deep scarlet.
  17. "Aww, Freddie get the camera. There's another scrapbook worthy moment." Fred lifted up the antique looking camera hanging from his neck and took a picture of Ron. Ron was still embarrassed with a hint of agitation. It was clearly seen on his face. He left to go change into normal clothes. Once the picture had come out of the camera, Fred passed around the picture.
  18. "This will be the future Christmas card." Commented Fred as he had gotten the picture back and placed it into a folder marked "˜Ron Blackmail' and "˜The Weasley family scrapbook'. We laughed that night about what seemed like everything. Before we knew it, time had slipped away from us and before we knew it, it was midnight. Way past curfew. In the end they were too tired to make it to their dorms so they crashed in the hospital wing.

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