For Top Friends 1

Thanks for taking the time to look at my quiz. I created this for the people on my fan site page that wanted to be on my top friends list. I am hoping that I will have time to create a new quiz in the future and then use it to put different people on my top friends list.

The details have not been worked out yet but in the meantime feel free to add my fan site page on myspace search the e-mail address and watch for updates, both with the trial and the quiz. I would love to talk to any fellow DTBH fans out there.

Created by: Whitnie
  1. When is Leland's Birthday?
  2. How many kids does Leland have?
  3. What is Leland's Ex-Wife's name?
  4. When was Leland's divorce finalized?
  5. Where is Leland's shop located?
  6. What members of the team are currently dealing with the possibility of extradition?
  7. What happened that has caused this possibility?
  8. When is Dog's birthday?
  9. How many times has Dog been married?
  10. How did Dog get his nickname?

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