How well do you Know Friends

There are many people who watch friends,but few true friends genuises.Genuis is,afterall,quite exceptional.What is a genuis?A genuis is someone who has an extraondinarily clever mind,is able to solve complexquestions,and see the world in a total friends point of view.

Are YOU a friends genuis?Can you answer any friends question in the world?This quiz is the easiest friends quiz I have ever done in my life with the easiest questions I have ever asked in my entire life.

Created by: Jaydean of cpsjaydeanc
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  1. Which one of these is one of Phoebes songs?
  2. Who did Rachel run out on at her wedding in the first series?
  3. Who has been divorced 4 times?
  4. Who has the most annoying laugh and has been out with Chandler lots of times?
  5. Who does Phoebe marry?
  6. Who does Chandler marry?
  7. What is Ross's excuse to say to Rachel when he slept with another woman?
  8. Who is Tag?
  9. What did Joey and Chandler get for Phoebe for Christmas because they didn't have enough time to go Christmas shopping.
  10. Where did Chandler and Monica hook up?

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Quiz topic: How well do I Know Friends