Who are you most like

There are many people in the world but none like my friends. take this quizz to see wich of my friends your most like! Since these are my best friends, you must be a great person to turn out just like them!!!!! Hope you enjoy this quizz!

Are you not sure who you are? Take this quizz to find out which one of my friends your most like. Are you athletic? Smart? Pretty? Good at writhing??? this will determine which of my four friends you are! You are bound to be amoung the starz!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Stephanie of www.myspace.com
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  1. Do you like to write
  2. Are you a big Dreamer?
  3. Are you picky
  4. Do you love music and are you musically inclined?
  5. Are you bossy
  6. Are you one of the leaders in your group
  7. Do you get along well with the opposite sex
  8. Are you sweet to the people you love but sour to the ones you hate
  9. Are you the funny one in your group
  10. Are you Athletic

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Quiz topic: Who am I most like