Skylander Elements

Skylanders take over the world of skylanders story to eon which is the ivnentor of sky lands and all the elementak rights of everyone to enjoy the world

What skylander are you take this quizz and find out which element you are take this quizz and ill make more quizzes to enjoy for you and your friends!

Created by: Livi

  1. If you had to pick an activity which would you do?
  2. If you were to have a ablity what would you pick?
  3. If you were a super villand who would be your side kick?
  4. would you join kaos or some one else that wants revenge?
  5. If you had to chose would you make your own element or use a previous one (One that is already made)
  6. What would be your pet>
  7. If you had a chpice what would be your getaway veichle
  8. Do you enjoy this quizz
  9. Are you going to take this again
  10. Bye

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