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This quizz is about Madness Combat series made by MDKrinkels. Everything is copyright free, you can share it with your friends or even on social sites

Im not very good at English, so im really sorry for all mistakes. Hope you will accept that. Enjoy the quizz!! :)) Made by TheMadnessator. Good luck!!

Created by: TheMadnessator

  1. Hank's Full name
  2. What is the main character of Incident:011A?
  3. Did Deimos upgraded Mag Hank?
  4. Who killed Deimos and Sanford in Incident: 1000A
  5. Who is the main protagonist of Madness Combat 1-10 (including Incidents)
  6. Who is the creator of Madness Combat series (1-10)
  7. When Hank became MC10
  8. Do you like Madness Combat?
  9. What is the main site of Madness Combat
  10. Do you like this quizz?

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