Love at Hogwarts Pt 21

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It's year 6! There is death and betrayal. Harrry suspects Draco for a crime but is it just to break you up? but can you still fid the love of the guys of your dreams in this madness?

Hey guys I hope you are enjoying this quizz series! I am thinking of new inspiration for other quizzes such as creepy pasta if you have not seen that on youtube

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. You walked down the street with your friends to the new joke shop the twins had made. "Hello, Hello, Hello" They said in unsion. "This place is bigger than the blue print" "Yess Bird we needed something eyecatching!" "Do you mind if I do this as a summer job?" They had joy in their eyes. "Welcome to the team!" They ran and handed you equipment.
  2. You started to help out. "Bird be extra mean to Ron will ya?" You tipped your hat and smirked. "Hey Birdie how much for the stringy ears?" "5 shellings" "What about for me?" "Five shellings" "Your best friend?" "ten shellings!" He gave you a death stare. "It's just orders"
  3. It was half an hour and you realised Harry and Hermoine and Ron were gone but the weasleys were still there. You dared not to ask incase they didn't know. At that moment they came. "I think it's time for us to leave...I'm so proud of you boys!" Ms Weasley exclamed giving her sons a big hug.
  4. "Hey Birdie.....I need to tell you something" "What is it Harry?" "I have to tell you in private." "Ok"
  5. You met him outside. "You needed to talk?" "I saw Draco with Bellatrix...I think he's a death eater." "Harry he must of had a good reason to be with Bellatrix it dosen't straight up make him one" "Why are you protecting him?" "I'm not I see the good in people.....Sometimes in people I don't want to see...." "Like who?" "Peter....he just wants to live...he dosen't want to's like survival of the fittest...Harry...we should go to sleep we have school tomorrow and everyone will be asking about voldemort..." "I feel more sorry for Ron.." "Why?" "He broke with Lavender and she's trying to win him back. You giggled.
  6. It was time to leave the weasleys. "Thank you for having me!" You said to Mrs Weasley. "It was my absolute pleasure dear" She was the first person close to be a mother like figure. You and your friends walked to the bus stop but the twins stopped you. "Want to go on the magic car?" "Why not I need some joy before I see snape again!" You went in the car with the boys and got out when you came to the station. "Bye guys!" "Don't forget to write!" "I promise I won't" You grabbed your trolley and went away. Your pet bowtruckle looked starved "don't worry picket I'll buy some swweets on the train!" He lightened up a bit.
  7. When you crossed through the wall you bumped into Draco. "Draco!" You cried and hugged him. "Birdie!" He hugged you. "I've missed you so much!" "Same! want to share a compartment?" "Sure!" You walked into an empty compartment and no one bothered to come in. "How's Bubo?" "Who?" "Your eagle owl?" "He's's batsy your bat?" "She passed..""I'm sorry" "Don't be....I have someone I want you to meet..""Who?""Picket!" You pulled out picket. "He's pretty cute..." "I know right." It was one of the shorter train rides and Dumbeldore's speech was real short too.
  8. You walked over to catch up with Ron. Lavender was there. "Lavender I already told you we are over!" "We are never over!" "Hey Ron! Mcgonagal needs us to go to the common room for something.." "Ok" He followed you. "What does she need?" "I saved you from Lavender without a thankyou. How rude!" He laughed. "Thanks"
  9. You got one of your worse nights of sleep that night. Nightmares poured into your mind, that you ended up screaming.
  10. You barely got anysleep that you fell asleep during some of your classes. "Birdie? Bird!!! You need to wake up!" "five more minutes...." " You have to get up. Your going to get introuble." "Screw it......whatever your name is" "It's Neville. Did you get anysleep last night?" "No" "Why?" "Nightmares" "C'mon one last period then you can do whatever you want...""Yay" you said and lifted your eyes up. "I'm too tired to do anything" " It's alright" "You'll make it." "No" "For me!" "Only because he's my best friend" He smirked.

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