Love at Hogwarts Pt 23

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It's year 6! There is death and betrayal. Harrry suspects Draco for a crime but is it just to break you up? but can you still fid the love of the guys of your dreams in this madness?

Hey guys I hope you are enjoying this quizz series! I am thinking of new inspiration for other quizzes such as creepy pasta if you have not seen that on youtube

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. "I thought Snape was our potions teaher." you whispered. "Obviously you didn't pay attention in the first dinner. Proffessor slughorn is the potions teacher. OW!" Snape hit him over the head. "Pay attention, Weasley." everyone snickered. You gave the Slytherins a death stare and they stopped immediately.
  4. The day went relly fast. Slughorn was a lovely man. "Birdie do you know where Mr Potter is?" You couldn't tell anyone the truth. "Ummmm......He was sick this morning? maybe that explains it?" "That's alright...can you bring his homework over at the sick bay?" "Sure...." He wasn't at the state of mind to do homework. You did it for him.
  5. "What you are doing for Harry is really sweet." Hermoine said. You smiled. Harry came around midnight looking exhausted. "What are you doing bird?" "Doing your homework. You owe me." he chuckled. "Will you come to lessons tomorrow?" "Yes I will. It's getting late night Bird" "Night, don't forget the weed." He laughed.
  6. Once again you woke up refreshed. Ginny was up and she looked nervous. "You alright Gin?" "First quidditch match." "Don't worry. trust me. keep your eye on the ball and you'll be fine. Your the feircest girl I know!" "I'm scared I'll get hurt like you." "It's not stormy it's sunny. you'll be fine!" she smiled and let out a sigh of relief. "C'mon! get change and we'll be the first people to eat breakfast. when the foods actually hot!" she laughed. You got dressed in a blue dress with sunflowers on it which complimented your pale skin and short dark hair, and of course your gryffindor scalf.
  7. Ron soon came down suited up. " look gorgeous.." "Focus on the game not on me!" you cried. you all laughed. Harry couldn't go on the field for he was to tired. "Don't worry Harrykins! you can sit next to me and Hermoine." "Ok" It was time for the match. Ginny was the chaser and one of the best on the team, while her brother was scoring more shots everygame. "Gryffindor wins the Hogwarts quidditch trophy!" you screamed at the top of your lungs in joy as you hugged Harry. You ran to the changing rooms and huggeed Ginny. "See. nothing went wrong!" she laughed. "The quidditch team is throwing a party for us like last year!" "You'll be the center of attention!" she laughed. Before the party you had to have a nap for you were shore you could not sleep that night. When you got out of bed you wore jeans with a red cropped shirt. When you walked out the party was pumping. You found Ginny sitting down. "C'mon Ginny let's dance! this is my favourite tune!"
  8. You both danced your heart out till late at night. It was one in the morning and when you finally got to sleep someone was shaking you. "What do you want?" "Ron's ssick." you looked up and Harry was standing over you. "I thought since your good at the healing class you could help" "Move!" you put you slippers on and you black lace petti coat. Nearly all the boys were passed out on the lounge and only Ron and Harry made it back to their Dorm.
  9. "Is she Lavender?" "I thought he hated her?" "He did. But not anymore" "What's that?" "What? That card?" "Hand it over." He reluctantly handed it over. "It's a love potion. Do you know where Slughorn is?" He nodded. "Ron I need you to come with me." "Yes Lavender" You cringed, trying not to laugh but harry laughed straight away. "Harry!" you said sharply and he stopped.
  10. You knocked on the door and slughorn answered. "Sorry to bother you but Ron's consumed a love potion." "Come in, Come in I'll see what I can do" Slughorn treated Ron and he was back to normal. He grabbed a cup and drank from it. "Dear Child NO!" But Ron collapsed on the floor. Mcgonagalcame in at that exact time.

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