Love at Hogwarts Pt 25

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It's year 6! There is death and betrayal. Harrry suspects Draco for a crime but is it just to break you up? but can you still fid the love of the guys of your dreams in this madness?

Hey guys It's the end of year 6! There is death and betrayal. Harrry suspects Draco for a crime it is true but do you still love him after what he will do?

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. "Ginny!" "What?" you laughed. When you walked into the dinning room, Ron, Harry and Neville were throwing questions at you.
  4. You told them and Ron turned red in the face. "I'm going to kill Malfoy! who would want to breakup with you!" he turned pale as soon as he realised what he said. You blushed.
  5. At that exact moment an elegant eagle owl came out of nowhere and delieverd a letter. "It's from Fleur!" you cried. "What does it say?" "It's a wedding invataion! She want me to be the bridemaid with Gabby!" you cried. "Is anyone else going?" "Nearly every gryffindor my brother insisted on it." Ron said.
  6. That day went really quickly. Proffessor Snape and Draco was no where to be seen. It was the end of the day and Harry asked you, Hermoine and Ron to go somewhere with him in the middle of the night. "Somethings not right. I need to find out what it is." "Ok.....I'm with you" you said. Ron and Hermoine nodded.
  7. You went to Dumbeldore's study and there was a giant comotion. You and Harry went under the floor boards. You ran into Snape. He held a wand against Harry's head. Then you heard Draco. Snape brought you and Harry upstairs. Draco was holding a wand at Proffessor Dumbeldore. "DRACO!" You screamed. He turned. There were tears streaming down his face. "Please....." you said. "I must do what the Dark Lord wants..." He whimpered. "He'll kill me if I don't" and with that Dumbledore went falling 30 stories high. You and Harry screamed. You sobbed. "I'm.....sor" "Don't be sorry son!" it was Lucifier.
  8. Mcgonagal and the other proffessors came in. Harry grabbed your hand and you teleported to the Weasley's. Ron and Hermoine were already there. "What happened?" Hermoine asked. You fell to the ground crying Harry had to hold you. "He....he killed him...." "Who?" Ron asked. "Draco......killed....Dumbledore" you said.
  9. You didn't feel like waking up that day, but Fleur arrived with Bill. She came to see you and you both wept tears of joy. "I've missed you so much." you said. "I ave eared what ave appened Bird...I'm sorry.." you were silent. "Let's not talk about it.....we need to prepare for the wedding." you said
  10. Harry asked you to be his date to the wedding and you accepted.

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