Hogwarts Part 45

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, George Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

*Recap* Sixth year ended last time. It was essentially what happened in the book (more or less), with a few added additions. Your mother appeared with the other Death Eaters during the battle when Dumbledore died, prompting you to run out of the castle. You caught Draco as he was leaving with Snape. He just yelled an apology as he was Disapparating with the professor, and soon sixth year ended with Dumbledore's funeral and the feeling that the Gryffindor trio was planning something without you.

Created by: music826

  1. "Wake up, Cassandra!" I heard Arianna call excitedly. I lifted my head up and glanced up at my sister. Arianna was looking out the window, her face bright and eager. "They're here," she said with a smile, turning to me. That certainly got me up. I joined Arianna at the window, frantically shoving some last minute things into my trunk. I also threw in the very few things that had grown to mean something to me over the years. After some debate, I picked up the little bronze eagle and silver locket given to me by my grandmother. It seemed like so long ago by then. I had all but forgotten about the items. I held them in my hands for a moment, and then threw them back onto my bed. They had been utterly useless. What did I need with them anymore? After everything that had happened the previous year, I frankly couldn't believe that I was going back to Hogwarts. But all the same, it was the one thing that remained constant in the terror of the wizarding world since Dumbledore had died. I took one last look at my room. For some strange reason, it felt as if I wasn't going to see it again.
  2. Shrugging off the encroaching nostalgia, I closed the door behind me and headed downstairs with Arianna to meet my escort. Unlike Harry, I didn't have an entire squad of Death Eaters and Voldemort after me (save for one lunatic mother), so my team of Order members wasn't very large. It consisted of Oliver and two other wizards I didn't recognize, just like the year before. All of the important members had been dispatched to help Harry instead. I didn't mind though; it only meant I got to take the shortcut, whereas Harry had to go through the pain of whatever elaborate plan the Order had set up for him. I unquestioningly let one of the wizards take my arm, taking a deep breath beforehand since I now knew what was coming. Once again, I felt as if I was being forced through a very tight rubber tube, but I managed to keep my head that time since I knew what was happening. When we landed right outside of the Weasley's residence, I even managed to keep my footing the second time around. Arianna appeared with a crack next to me, out of breath but completely fine. "Well, that was fun," I giggled with relief. It had seemed like it had been far too easy to get there. I imagined Harry's journey was going to be much harder. A moment later, Oliver appeared with the luggage a few feet away. I smiled with a hesitant glance at Oliver, not daring to believe that he was going to stay as well. He shook his head reluctantly, seeing my expression. "I'm just here to help until everyone else gets back." "They wouldn't let you go with the others?" I asked. He shook his head, but then smiled. "I had someone else to go see."
  3. I looked to the sky beyond, anxiously watching for any sign of Harry and his entourage. Oliver put an arm around me and pulled me against him for a second. "They'll be here soon, you'll see," he said reassuringly. I nodded and smiled weakly, taking my trunk and owl cage through the protective fields around the Burrow. They had been put in place to ward off all of the Death Eaters should they attempt to attack us. As Arianna, Oliver, and I approached, Mrs. Weasley worriedly ushered us in. "Have they arrived yet?" she asked, looking over my shoulder as she pulled me into a welcoming embrace. "I haven't seen them yet, Mrs. Weasley," I informed her. "Well, I'm sure they'll be here soon. I'll have Ginny help you to your room. Ginny!" she called. Ginny thumped down the stairs from her room. "Cassandra and Arianna are here. Go show them up to your room," she ordered, glancing outside nervously again before shutting the door. Ginny grinned at Arianna and I, and then picked up my owl cage. "C'mon. I'll show you the way," she said with a roll of her eyes, knowing perfectly well that we both knew exactly where to go.
  4. As we clunked all the way up the stairs with our trunks and up into Ginny's small bedroom, Ginny grumbled about not being allowed to go with to get Harry. "Mum's been terrible lately. She's been trying to convince Ron to stay here all summer. Apparently Harry, Ron, and Hermione are going off on some mission for Dumbledore. Do you know what that's all about?" she asked me. "Nothing. It's like they suddenly don't trust me after four years," I answered regretfully. "Well, they aren't telling anyone else either," Ginny said in annoyance, leaning back against the wall to sulk. "I just hope they aren't planning to do something stupid," I said thoughtfully, pondering what they could possibly be up to. Ginny laughed scornfully. "They're always planning to do something stupid." "But it always works out in the end, doesn't it?" Arianna cut in innocently. She hadn't really been filled in on the Gryffindor's various "adventures". Ginny and I both exchanged dark glances. "More or less."
  5. We continued to discuss the various activities going on in the wizarding world when Arianna suddenly gasped, looking out the window. She fled out the door, racing down the steps. "They're here!" she called as she left. Ginny and I were right on her tail. When I saw Harry being led into the room, I jumped the last few steps and fell in next to Oliver, waiting for Mrs. Weasley to finish checking up on him. Hagrid was also being greeted at the door, but it seemed no one else had arrived yet. Oliver nudged me lightly. "See? What did I tell you?" he said with a smile, gesturing to Harry. "Yeah, whatever," I muttered grudgingly, giving him a small smile. As soon as Harry was within a few steps of me, I gave him a tight hug. "I was afraid you weren't going to make it," I told him, pulling back to meet his dark eyes. "So was I," he said with a grimace. I moved aside so Ginny could give him a hug, and heard some voices in the yard. "Someone else is here!" I announced, running out to see whom it was. Mrs. Weasley feebly protested at my dash to the outside, but Ginny and Arianna simply rushed out after me.
  6. As I approached, Lupin and George came into view. At first I was all set and ready to hug them (well, George anyway), but I noticed a very dark liquid was seeping from the side of George's head. He was at the point of collapse, and I hesitated, getting quite nauseous at the sight of his missing ear. "What-what happened?" I asked, shying away from the wound. "We've been betrayed," Lupin said darkly. He struggled with helping George up, and I tentatively stepped forward and wedged my shoulder under George's other arm to help. We staggered up to the house, where Mrs. Weasley let out a small cry of dismay at seeing George's absent ear. We set him on the couch and Lupin turned to Harry. "What creature was in the corner the first time you came to my office?" he questioned, holding out his wand. Harry looked confused, but answered the question. "A Grindylow." Lupin lowered his wand and ran a hand through his hair tiredly. "We've been betrayed. I had to make sure you weren't an imposter," he apologized briefly to Harry.
  7. With that out of the way, I returned to George's bedside while everyone else showed up in pairs. Hermione, Ron, Fred, Tonks, and a variety of others all came, a bit shaken but relatively unscathed. I watched as Mrs. Weasley tended to George's ear, hovering at her shoulder anxiously. "Will he be all right?" I asked, my eyes flicking to the now clean hole in his head. She looked up at me and smiled faintly. "That's kind of you, dear. He'll be fine," she said kindly, returning to the tender caretaking of her son. I watched for a minute in silence, but Fred suddenly burst in, obviously having been informed of George's condition. He bent down to his brother in concern, and George began to stir. "...George...George, I'm holey...I'm HOLEY. Geddit?" he joked, grinning dazedly. There was a collective sigh of relief from around the room. Even after losing a body part, he was still the same old cheerful George.
  8. After Lupin interrogated the remaining members of the transport group with no success in finding the culprit, we were dealt another blow. Mad-Eye Moody was dead. I hadn't had a lot to do with the "deranged" former Auror, but it was clearly a big loss for the Order. I listened in on the discussion about the various happenings in the Order, but it seemed more questions were being presented rather than answered. We went to bed with heavy hearts that night. It was already clear how dangerous things had gotten.
  9. *music826* Okay, I totally lied. My posting schedule is going to be rather crazy. I'm going to bombard you with seventh year over the next week (as I have now finished), and it will all be wrapped up and concluded long before I go back to school. I am going to post two editions a day starting today. I do feel I have to tell you that these editions are completely first draft. I did absolutely nothing to edit or improve them, so they may or may not be up to scratch. Hopefully they're still fun to read, though! Until next time :)

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